Coaching Sherlock!

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“The two most common problems with wedding speeches are 1. you can’t hear them, or 2. you can.” Disputably one of the most famous in the English language, Sherlock Holmes’ Best Man speech at Dr Watson’s wedding epitomises all that is good, bad and ugly in an occasional speech. Here’s an ideal showcase to demonstrate how I …

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A quick video – telephone tips!

Inspired by a student who has graduated with a First but is shy about making calls to find work, I’ve put together a short video which will help anyone needing to know some basics but also help professionals brush up on their technique. Enjoy and please share!

Introduction and Top Interview Tips video launched today!

Perhaps you’re thinking about getting some help with your confidence in speaking out, but you’re not sure about what to do. How do you go and see someone for help if you get anxious around new people? Although I provide a no-commitment-required preliminary meeting for clients/students to ascertain if this is for them, here’s an additional means to decide …

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Speaking without notes?

As a coach, I believe that every presentation problem can be overcome through listening, reflection, reworking and rehearsing. That is to say, I listen and share some ideas, the learner reflects and reworks their delivery and through rehearsal they can usual remove the obstacle to good speaking or improve their presentation. I recently had the privilege of …

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A Very Important Talk – Even Four Years On

Over the years, I have been teaching students and clients a 12-15-minute routine of relaxation, breathing and voice production which inadvertently incorporates power posing. Getting the body ready to support the breath for speaking out is the foundation of good presentation. I don’t know if you’re one of the 33 million plus people who have watched this …

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Tell Me The Truth

I’ve been working more in promotions in the last year than ever before. It’s brought me up against the cold, hard fact that the truth isn’t all that important to the media. We seem to accept this as ‘the way it is’ and I don’t know if this is because we don’t know how to tackle it or …

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Speakers’ Club scoops National Trophy

Fiona helped found the first school Speakers’ Club in Britain at The Downs School, Compton in September 2014. Since then it has been thriving and students have received many personal awards, such as the Certificate of Leadership (for completing all the roles in the club, 3 speeches and 2 evaluations), the Interim Certificate of Achievement (for completing the first …

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Newbury Weekly recognises First Speakers’ Club in West Berkshire – Feb ’16

John McGhee presented the National Award to The Downs School Speaker’s Club Founder on behalf of Head Teacher Chris Prosser and the Youth Speaks entrants, Eirlys, Freya and Alannah. This month The Downs School achieved a first in the United Kingdom in recognition of its dedication to the development of young people. John McGhee, Education Officer of …

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