Jenny triumphs in the face of … the camera!

Jenny* has worked with The Gatehouse, Oxford for some years. As her role grew, so did her need to be able to speak to groups and in front of a camera. Jenny really struggled with this, “e.g. I just wanted to run away and in fact, I did once!”

After completing a 12-week course with Fiona, Jenny has the confidence to speak to That’s Oxford TV with clarity and conviction about the work she believes in so strongly.

Below is a clip from the resulting interview in December 2015. “eg. It was so much easier,” said Jenny, “I just remembered the techniques I had been taught, and the good things about my voice Fiona had made me aware of, and I just got on with it.”

Jenny has said she is now ready for any camera, anytime and anywhere, and in fact, did two radio interviews over the following two months.

“It’s been a real pleasure working with Jenny,” added Fiona. “She has a lovely voice and a natural presence. She just needed to realise that and release her voice to express what she has to say.”

*Jenny is not her real name.

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