BESPOKEN’s Listening Approach that Changes the Way People Think

How often have you told yourself that you need to give something more thought, then parked it, never to return, or spent hours going around in circles, never reaching a conclusion?

BESPOKEN Training Facilitation, Voice & Speech Coaching has launched a new service, Time to Think. This service helps people clarify their thinking, enabling them to make decisions, take action, and create the changes they long for.

Fiona Brennan-Scott, BESPOKEN’s director, trainer and coach, explains, “It’s been shown that when you give someone the time, space and encouragement to think, really think, they come up with ideas and solutions that surprise even themselves.

If you think back to the last time you had a eureka moment, the chances are it was facilitated by rather special circumstances.”  

Time to Think, based on the work of Nancy Kline, isn’t like coaching or counselling. “All too often, these involve influencing someone’s thinking and behaviour,” explains Fiona, “how much better would it be if people had an environment that encouraged them to think for themselves? To make discoveries and reach their own conclusions?

Reading Time to Think and More Time to Think, Nancy’s books on the subject, inspired me! It’s a philosophy of communication rather than a coaching tool.”

We can embody these ten components
We can embody these ten components.

It works by creating Thinking Pairs, where each person thinks aloud, sharing their thoughts on an idea, challenge or problem, while the other person listens, giving their full and undivided attention. “There have been phenomenal breakthroughs in just 10-30 minutes of thinking aloud.”

Fiona undertook Time to Think training at the Henley Business School to formalise her status as a voice and speech coach and is now looking for people to work with as she completes the final section.

Update, March 2021: Fiona has qualified as a Time to Think Coach and is part of the Time to Think Collegiate.

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Originally published as a BESPOKEN Press Release for Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, Winter 2019

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