Training with BESPOKEN

Let’s start by saying that training needs vary from one organisation to the next. They also vary at different times within an organisation. The same can be said for the budget. Therefore, at BESPOKEN, we’ll begin with a conversation to establish what your specific training requirements are based on the current development needs of your organisation. This exploratory conversation takes place before any proposal is put together.

The Learning Objectives will be identified in this conversation too. They will be accomplished via the delivery of several modules. Ideally, I work with groups of twelve to maximise interactions and subgrouping in the room on training days. Naturally, this can be adjusted to suit your organisational requirements.

I’ve set out below an outline of the Platinum Level of Training. The rationale behind the combination of training and coaching is to ensure the learning is secure and to address any concerns in a safe space. The one-day training sessions are quite intensive, and a gap of at least a week allows learners time to process and begin to embed the information and techniques. Coaching takes account of individual needs and questions which may arise before, during and after the training.

Pre-Training Coaching

Course participants book a 121 in advance of the first day of training. This can take place online, at your organisation, or my office in Harwell. In this 40-minute coaching conversation, we complete a mini-Discovery and Speech Profile. The learner will therefore have three of the ingredients of a SCOTT analysis: Strengths, Challenges and Outcomes before receiving the Tools and Techniques in training.

Training Day 1: Empowering and Enabling

This is generally delivered in four 90-minute sessions across one day, covering what I call ‘below the waterline’ skills for good voice and speech production, followed by relevant aspects of articulation and modulation for engagement. Participants will leave with a copy of Breathtaking Communication, which contains the exercises to do and behaviour to embed in their everyday communication between training days.

Training Day 2: Presenting with confidence

Again, we use four 90-minute sessions across one day, covering audience engagement skills and the external aspect of presenting. Having delivered and discussed optimal practice, the participant then put their learning into practice and practise with each other before delivering material and being peer assessed.

Post-Training Coaching

The platinum package ends for the participants with a 30-minute 121 to review outcomes following one presentation opportunity at work. It also allows time to answer any questions that may have arisen in the interim and receive personalised feedback for their role and presentation requirements.

Feedback to Management

After confirming that the Learning Objectives have been achieved, we celebrate in a brief report to management. Ultimately, the training speaks for itself in the transformational presentations of the participants.

Book Option

A copy of Breathtaking Communication: Tools and Techniques for Everyday Leaders is available as an add-on. £1.50 from each book sale is donated to Espaço Voar, an educational charity in Brazil.

Training is bespoke for your company, your industry and your needs. So rather pick up the phone or book a call here and let’s have a conversation to identify what you need. It will be my pleasure to serve you.

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