Keynote Speaker – Fiona Brennan-Scott

Who is in my audience? I deliver bespoke keynote speeches for networks and clients, currently remotely to any location worldwide. By building a relationship and understanding the client’s needs, I ensure that the speeches fit their exact requirements.

Women’s Untility Network 2020
Reading Youth Mentoring Tak 2019
PSA Thames Valley Showcase 2019
Feedback from an Improv Workshop 202
WUN Talk, London 2020

In What Sectors Do I Specialise?

These are a few:

Because we are so different…

Because my heart is to help career progression through effective communication, my audiences tend to be from STEM industries (Science, Technology, Maths, Medical and Manufacturing). Historically the passion of these people comes from knowledge and outputs, not necessarily communicating about them.

But as the best people in these industries rise to leadership level, the need for knowing the right tools for effective communication becomes essential. I saw this during 10 years in the corporate world at software, hardware and then engineering companies.

I can inspire people in this industry to understand quite simply the advantages of engaging and connecting with their audiences, be it their teams, their peers or to communicate to fellow leaders in their industry.

Because we are so similar…

I have a heart for supporting women in business. Although there has been progress in the business world and the pay gap is narrowing, boardroom and conferences are still heavily dominated by men. I love helping rising businesswomen to find their voice in the workplace and believe it my responsibility to be a role model and an advocate in this arena.

I understand the challenges, I have lived in 4 countries with different experiences of finding a voice, and I know that speaking up and speaking out is essential to progression and sitting at the table.

Because I love to engage and connect…

I’ve been asked to speak at business networking groups nationally on several topics including the following:

  • “5 Simple Steps to Professional Remote Presence” – for middle and senior managers as well as SMB owners.
  • “Considerations when Presenting Professionally Online” – as above, designed for those presenting in company or networking meetings.
  • “Introducing the Value of Time to Think” – the framework of the Ten Components of Time to Think can make communication in meetings far more effective.
  • “Lessons from an Irish Publican’s Daughter” – a motivational speech that is more light-hearted and entertaining to help people think bigger and achieve their full potential.
  • “Introducing the Value of Understanding Multiple Intelligent People” – Awareness-raising. Learning that everyone is intelligent and deserving of our respect and regard. Promotes equality and diversity in the workplace or networking/other community.
  • We also deliver bespoke talks on subjects on request. Recent talks in 2021 include ‘Belonging’ and ‘Purpose’. Book a Discover Call to have a conversation about what you require.
  • Because I have a legacy…
  • At 24, I discovered an incredibly special collection of books, known as The Holy Bible, in my hands.
    At 26, I studied it for a year at night school and did a 6-week summer course called, Christian Drama.
    At 29, I began studying to become a Speech and Drama Teacher and opened my first studio in 2000.
  • Congregations are captive, mostly attentive, and polite audiences, but that’s no reason why they deserve sub-par speakers delivering from the front. I love to inspire people in ministry to enjoy, excite, connect, and engage with their congregations.

We can supply recommendations on request for all of this talk and webinars, or find them on Fiona’s LinkedIn Profile. You can also find samples of most of the talk on her YouTube channel. Book here to find out more and have a chat about your upcoming event.

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