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Kelly Drewett
Kelly Drewett
10 February 2023
Fiona is a fabulous voice and speech coach. Before I started working with her, I hadn’t realised how much breathwork and training go into being able to speak well in public. Having said that, Fiona makes it simple. There are a series of exercises she will introduce to you that you can do regularly to improve your posture, and voice to be ready for the talks. As a business owner, I must show up for my audience to promote my business. That means speaking publicly in webinars and on video - something I was terrified of before my coaching with BESPOKEN. I’m now more relaxed and confident; I remember to pause when I need to and not rush through feeling embarrassed and crazed like I once did. Fiona is strict but kind. And a lot of fun to work with. Thank you, Fiona.
David Savage
David Savage
13 July 2022
I worked with Fiona whilst preparing for my most important keynote to date. I have to say the whole experience has been a blast, enlightening and effective beyond all my expectations. Fiona kept me accountable to my preparation, coached me in speaking so my message had impact and was aligned with my deepest values. I truly felt like I had an ally at my side, championing, supporting and going above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed. She is a true master of her craft and so dedicated to her clients results. Voice, speech and presentation work really takes you places in terms of personal development and I am truly grateful for everything she has invested in me! Founder @ Manufacturing with Purpose.
A&C Riley
A&C Riley
17 August 2021
Was really concerned and nervous about giving a Father of the Bride speech at my daughters wedding. Working with Fiona helped me identify where my issues were and work to rectify them. She gave me the support and tools to be confident about the speech and look at it in a positive manner. On the day, although still a bit nervous (but I guess that is my nature and will always be there to some extent) I really enjoyed giving the speech and was told I smashed it! I was so proud of myself for doing it well and getting loads of great comments, it was such a great feeling! Thanks Fiona!
David McFadyen
David McFadyen
2 July 2021
Fiona is a fantastic coach and definitely brings out the best in you. I contacted Fiona after reading some of the great feedback on here as well as LinkedIn. I wanted to improve my presentation skills - this is something I'd always struggled with. Although I'm a reasonably confident person and my career was going well, the lack of confidence at presenting (and fear) was beginning to hold me back from some senior positions I had been applying for. We arranged a set of sessions to address the issues and was taught a range of techniques and tools to help me get through the problems I was experiencing. After I finished the course I began applying again for more senior roles. I got through to a number of final interviews where I needed to give a presentation. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful, but did receive excellent feedback on my presentations so knew I was headed in the right direction. Well, I found out today I have been offered a senior role in a FTSE 250 company that I had applied for (presentation was required as a part of the interview). Thank you Fiona for all of your help and support.
Peter Mols
Peter Mols
9 June 2021
When I started out on the networking circuit, to say I was nervous about public speaking is an understatement. I got to know Fiona early on and he always came across as ultra friendly, professional, confident and great at what she does. It was a no brainer to seek her out when I landed my first speaking gig. In the years since Fiona has become a good friend and we remain raving fans of each others work. Struggling with speaking in public, talk to Fiona
Harvey Leach
Harvey Leach
28 August 2020
It has been my delight to be in a small ‘peer coaching’ group with Fiona for the last two years and have also benefitted from a number of 1:1 "thinking sessions". Fiona's enthusiasm and passion is inspiring, she is a patient and active listener and always has an insightful and challenging question to ask that encourages and provokes deeper reflection. As someone who is generally busy dashing around ‘doing stuff’, having the opportunity to simply ‘think aloud’ in the relaxed and supportive environment that Fiona creates cannot be underestimated.
Jacqueline Hill
Jacqueline Hill
10 May 2020
In Nov 2019 I watched Fiona deliver a few presentations, giving examples of clear, dynamic speaking to gain listeners' learning engagement. She teaches with a passion that holds attention, yet with a calm persona in which listeners can put trust in her expertise. A lovely friendly, warm person too!
Robyn Woodham
Robyn Woodham
9 December 2019
I recently heard Fiona speak at an event for the Oxford Independent Consultant's network. She's a clear and compelling speaker and I would happily recommend her to help you develop your own ability as a speaker, or as a speaker for your next event.
Daniel Wels
Daniel Wels
9 December 2018
I had about 8 sessions with Fiona in a run-up to a business talk I gave. I can say with absolute confidence that I wouldn't have achieved the great feedback I got, if I hadn't spent that time with her. Not only did Fiona improve my confidence, but also the way I spoke and how I engaged with the audience. If you want to stand out from the crowd, get in touch - you won't regret it.
Zoe Brennan
Zoe Brennan
5 December 2018
I met Fiona in our village networking group and immediately was struck by her confidence and fantastic personal integrity. I approached her with an overload of great ideas running through my mind. She suggested that I take part in her thinking environment course based on the principals of Nancy Kline which was enlightening from the very first session. I was able to prioritise various areas of my personal and professional life. I gained in confidence and removed self-limiting beliefs. During this time I negotiated a number of important business meetings and secured a fantastic new role. I would recommend Fiona to those who need any assistance with their career, performances, presentations or simply a confidence boost. Fiona is a great listener and has a number of unique techniques to increase confidence, help uncover hidden talents and handle the pressures and anxieties that life presents us with.

Fiona engaged very well with my company. She is warm and felt engaged with what we do …setting up the people who are engaged with the training and setting up their thoughts, and a framework, then measuring it afterwards. Tools, techniques and materials were all really good, really supportive, lessons really good. In terms of engagement, Fiona was very positive and very professional in every area. Delivery and materials were clear and professional.”
Heidi Black, The Rooflight Company

“Fiona has been involved in the delivery of the Demand and Capacity Trainer Programme since the course started in September 2017. She has delivered to several cohorts now, as well as delivering bespoke training to our team. She always delivers with a high level of professionalism and obviously takes great joy in her work. Her natural manner with people puts them at their ease and enables her to coax the very best out of those she works with.”
Alice Lundsten, Demand and Capacity Programme Delivery Officer

The insight from Fiona brought about a tremendous change in my work. It brought me to the forefront of my team, where I was able to convey my thoughts and opinions confidently and cohesively. The classes provided me with an edge in a highly competitive environment and helped develop a skill set which I believe will stay with me forever. It was a pleasure working with Fiona, and I highly recommend her classes to anyone wishing to improve their interpersonal skills.
Vidur Jain, Commercial Director at Orchard Funding Group Plc

“Fiona introduced me to some enlightening speech delivery techniques which I was unaware of. I particularly enjoyed learning some skills which help maintain the flow of speaking whilst engaging with the audience. Fiona’s enthusiasm is contagious and her coaching style is both encouraging and motivating. I recommend her lessons to anyone wishing to improve and enhance their performance.”
John McGhee, Education Director – Swindon Speakers Club, ASC Area President – Cotswold & Wessex

“I engaged Fiona as an MC for an award ceremony run by Didcot First Ltd. She was a pleasure to work with, spending time before the event to really get to grips with the role not just of compere but also taking on the wider responsibility of co-host for the event. She was exceptionally diligent and brought a real sparkle to the evening. If you need an MC, Compere or Host for an event I would have no hesitation in recommending Fiona to you.”
Di Chesterman, Community and Participation at Didcot First

“Your lessons, especially the speech part, helped me a great deal with the work experience I have done on my health and social class at school, in an old people’s home and a special school, especially as I had to use non-verbal communication too and I got high marks for my evaluation on my communication on my work experience, which I think has a lot to do with you!”
Nikki, 15

“Fiona was great at helping me to understand the mood of the characters that I was playing and to get the right body language and voice to make them come alive. She also really helped with the preparation and warming up, ensuring that people’s voices projected and that we all felt confident. It was great fun working with her.
Martin, adult learner, 2016

“On the NYT Film Course, we did the mmmm-aaaaah exercise with Simon today and it’s the first time I’ve done it with anyone except you. When I told Simon, he said I have a really nice clarity to my voice and that’s probably because of you. Shout out to my speech and drama coach 😉
Georgia, 16

Fiona, the co-director with Janet, was great at her job and was always helpful and encouraging to everyone whether they were struggling or were at the stage where they were doing fine but they always had something they could improve on! :-)”
Clara, age 10, who performed in Godspell  2016

Delighted with First Class Honours in Drama - Tim and Nadine receive their certificates
Delighted with First Class Honours in Drama – Tim and Nadine receive their certificates

“You wrought a miracle in Nadine’s life, and this has run through to her music and singing and schoolwork as well. Nadine absolutely brims with confidence.  This is the result of her drama teaching and she will walk onto any stage without hesitation to sing or act – prepared or unprepared.”
Lynette, mother of teen learner, Nadine

During a recent production of the musical Godspell which Fiona co-directed I noticed that she was able to give the young people in the cast confidence to perform to an audience and helped them to realise their inner potential . She made herself available to offer them 1-1 tutorials in her home. The difference in these young people really shone through and enabled them to achieve an outstanding performance in front of a packed audience.”
Janice, Godspell producer

“I never knew I could do anything like this; I thought I was just ordinary. Thank you for helping me gain enough confidence to go up on stage and perform.”
Sophie, 13

Coming to drama every week has given me a happy and calm environment to truly express myself. I have loved every moment; it’s allowed me to not just have loads of fun and meet great people but feel more comfortable and be myself. I am so grateful to have met you and be part of M A D. It’s been brilliant.
Rebecca, 16 (UK, 2009)

Teenagers, including Rebecca (second from right), learn to use group shape to add emphasis
Teenagers, including Rebecca (second from right), learn to use group shape to add emphasis

“These words describe you:
2 teach drama is
2 touch lives
4 ever”
Sarah-Jane, 9

“Thank you for opening up a whole new world for Jason. He has thrived on your input”
Sharon, mother of Jason, 8

In a recent production of ‘Godspell’ … Fiona was positive, enthusiastic and encouraging to all the actors involved who ranged from 7 to adult. Fiona has a wealth of experience regarding acting skills and voice projection; she outlined ways to warm up before rehearsals, how to use the stage and our voices, as well as ideas for conveying meaning to the audience. She brought a sense of fun and excitement and her explanations were clear, upbeat and positive. I learnt a great deal about speaking and acting even though I was just part of the chorus!”
Madeleine, adult learner

“Being a part of your drama lessons this year has been wonderful. They have been full of fun, jokes and laughs, but have also taught me not only about drama and theatre but about myself. Greater self-confidence and a sense of worth are only a few of the things I have taken away with me.”
Lara, adult learner

“Fiona is one of the most genuine people I know. Her passion for life and for drama manifests itself within the first five minutes you meet her. You cannot help but smile when you’re with her.”
David Cooke, European Sales Manager at Thames Cryogenics Ltd.

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