Public Speaking Training

Public Speaker Training with Fiona Brennan-Scott

As each organisation is unique, we begin with a conversation about public speaking training in which we establish your challenges and your team’s requirements.

In the course of the discussion, Fiona identifies learning objectives for a proposal.

Numbers can be adjusted to suit your organisation’s requirements and development stage, but groups of twelve work well to maximise interaction.

Those learning objectives will be accomplished over several modules during your training. Below is an outline of BESPOKEN’s platinum level of public speaking training.

Fiona Brennan-Scott combines group training and private coaching to ensure secure learning and the ability to address concerns in a safe space.

The professional speaker training days are intensive, so a gap of at least a week between training days allows learners time to process and embed the information and techniques.

One-to-one speaker coaching helps to address individual needs and questions that arise before, during and after the training.

Online Course

Speaking programs can be delivered as online courses, saving travel time. Fiona provides the course online. We cover all that is required, including peer assessments. Learners work together in breakout rooms to facilitate small-group learning.

Public Speaking

Training anywhere in the UK
Fiona can deliver speaking programs to your organisation at your premises if space allows or at suitable training facilities nearby, making it easy for your team to get away and get together.

Speaking Training

Fiona invites you to join her for in-person coaching or public speaking training. She has two bases in Southeast England and South Wales. Talk to Fiona to find out where you can learn with her.

Speaker Training Program

Pre-training Speaker Coaching

Before the first training day, participants book a 40-minute coaching conversation with Fiona. In this one-to-one session, we complete a speech profile.

Pre-training starts the learner identifying three essential aspects of the SCOTT analysis:

  • Strengths,
  • Challenges and
  • Outcomes,

All necessary before delving into the Tools and Techniques for training.

Speaker Training Day One: Empowering and Enabling

Four 90-minute sessions.

Fiona covers what she calls ‘below the waterline’ skills for good voice and speech production.

The basic speaking training is continued with modulation, articulation and then engagement.

Participants are encouraged to practise between training days and are given exercises and behavioural skills they can embed into everyday communication.

You will find these activities in Fiona’s book, Breathtaking Communication: Tools and Techniques for Everyday Leaders, which is given to each participant on the first day.

Speaker Training Day Two: Presenting with Confidence

Four 90-minute sessions.

Day two covers audience engagement skills and the external aspect of presenting.

We discuss delivery and practice to optimise your new abilities.

Participants work together and help each other by delivering their material within the group for peer assessment.

Post-Training Speaker Coaching

The platinum level of public speaking training closes with a 30-minute one-to-one with Fiona.

In the post-training speaker coaching, Fiona listens to the participant’s presentation and assesses the outcomes with you. Here, you receive valuable personalised feedback for your role and presentation requirements.

The post-training session is also an opportunity to ask further questions.

Public Speaking Report to Management

Next, we confirm that the public speaking training Learning Objectives have been achieved, celebrated in a brief report to management.

BESPOKEN finds that the speaking training shines through in the transformational presentations of the participants. It’s then time to challenge participants to avail themselves of future speaking opportunities!

Public Speaker Training and Coaching Courses for Groups or Individuals

Learn Via My Book

A copy of Breathtaking Communication: Tools and Techniques for Everyday Leaders is available in book form, Kindle and Audible versions.

BEPSOKEN donates £1.50 from each book sale to Espaço Voar, an educational charity in Brazil.

Public speaking training is tailored to your company, industry, and needs.

Please pick up the phone or book a call, and let’s have a conversation to identify what you need. It will be my pleasure to serve you.

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