Awarded and Rewarded!

Today, it is one month since Bespoken received its first award, about a year after it’s genesis.

Presenting Best Speaker 2017

Firstly, I was honoured to present an award to Marjorie Mair for Best Speaker over the last year. She is a wonderful businesswoman and person. I was then honoured to be shortlisted among 3 out of 19 Newcomers at WADBCC. Congratulations to the deserving Patience Kakitie who won Best Newcomer, an inspiring straight-talking woman.

But I was surprised and delighted to be honoured with a Business Award by Grove Business Park presented by Peter Mols in recognition of my valuable contribution to WADBBC. It means 1 year’s complimentary Virtual Office Plus with advertising, mail, phone and office. I am feeling very, very blessed and humbled by this very generous award.

Thank you to the fabulous team who make WADBBC what it is and put so much work to make our monthly meeting successful. We are always delighted to see new faces, so please do check out the website and along to our next breakfast to be part of this wonderful network.


And today, 21st July, is my last day of working at a school wherBusiness Award - Bespokene I have fulfilled various contracts in both teaching and associate roles over 8 years, so that I can dedicate myself full-time to the role of Bespoken’s Voice and Speech Coach as well as a new venture as Training Facilitator as an Associate of Explosive Learning Solutions (ELS). I have learnt so much about the English educational system and enjoyed getting to know more than 1100 adolescents with a new cohort of 180 every year!

I have no doubt that the skills I’ve learnt are highly transferable to my new training facilitation role and hope that I can find time to start a Speakers’ Club on Grove Business Park that will equal the energy and interesting speeches of that at the school. The flowers, gifts and kind words I received on my departure were equal in my estimation to the honour of the award photographed on the right.

There is no greater reward than making a difference in the lives of others.




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