How you can use posture to improve your presentation skills

Good posture is the foundation of support for the voice because the body is the instrument from which the breath is supported, which in turn powers the voice. The technique shown here is the fifth step of a 15-step preparation sequence and is pivotal to its success.

I hope you enjoy practising it and that it becomes part of your journey to effective communication.

Be aware that although it will seem unnatural initially, as you practice it will become more organic. With further study, this can be incorporated into seated posture and movement. The Technique is also mentioned in my interview video and reinforces Amy Cuddy’s theories about the impact of body language.

Thanks to Joan Lee (Speech and Drama Teacher), Patsy Rodenburg (Voice and Speech Coach), Mannie Babington-Smith (Core Postural Physiotherapist) and Suzanne Goddard (Yoga Instructor) for sharing ideas and refinements over the years which have made the technique what it is today.

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